Bookkeeping support packages.

Don't want to pay for a bookkeeper, but don't want to go it alone either? 

I hear you. It can all seem a bit daunting. 

This is why I thought I'd offer bookkeeping support packages.


So, how does this work?

I primarily use software called FreeAgent for these packages, which is excellent bookkeeping/ accounting software.  Unlike Xero or Quickbooks -which you might have heard of- FreeAgent is designed for small business owners not accountancy folk. Therefore, it's not packed full of accountancy jargon, it's easy to use & their customer service is 1st class as well. 

I'll help get you setup on FreeAgent, so you know how to use it. Then, I'll do monthly checks on your bookkeeping. Checking that you haven't put something to the wrong account, used the wrong VAT code or treated an asset as an expense. That sort of thing. It's a 'Checks & Corrections' service.

Once, I've carried out your monthly check, I'll give you a bit of feedback. If you're VAT registered, then I'll check your VAT return is ok & ready to be submitted.  

I'll be available to answer your questions throughout each month. You'll be able to contact me via Whatsapp or email. 

You can add on your tax return as an extra, so you don't have to worry about that as well. 

How much does this cost?

I offer these packages from £50 per a month. It depends on the number of transactions (sales & purchases). Your fee will be fixed, so it won't vary from month to month. 

Does the price include FreeAgent?

No, it doesn't. HOWEVER, if you bank with Natwest, RBS, Mettle or Ulster bank, then you can get FreeAgent for free with a business account. Therefore, it might be a good idea to open an account with 1 of those banks. 

If you don't have 1 of those bank accounts, then FreeAgent is an extra £10 per month for sole traders (cheaper than Quickbooks or Xero).

Add your tax return on as an extra

Tax returns for sole traders can be added on for an extra £12.50 per month. Saving you from a big headache!

What level of support does it include?

You can ask me questions throughout the month, providing they can be answered in 10 minutes (the vast majority of questions can be). Whereas, if you've got a really complex VAT questions ; Such as: 'How do I deal with VAT whilst exporting to another country?', I can't answer this in 10 minutes. Therefore, this would be a bit of extra work & would be chargeable.

You can ask me questions such as:

  •  "Can I claim for *insert expense here* as a business expense?"

  • "If I bought a van, can I claim this through my business?

  • I've bought a Mcdonalds, can I claim this through my business?"

  •  "I need to buy new overalls, can I buy this from my business account?"

etc, etc...

As it's a 'Checks & Corrections' service, I'll check that you've allocated things to the right accounts. I'll check the VAT codes used & that you've not treated an asset as an expense & vice- versa. In other words, I'll make sure your bookkeeping has been done correctly. It therefore, includes anything that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) could learn.

It wouldn't include setting up a new bank account in FreeAgent, as this isn't something that the AI would learn. If you needed help doing something like that, then it would be an extra cost. 

A bit of accountability... help you get your bookkeeping done on a regular basis.

Ok, so bookkeeping isn't exactly most business owners favourite job. Yet, it's really important to do it on a regular basis. If you leave it to the year end, then you're likely to forget things & to have lost some of your purchase receipts/ invoices (this will cost you money, as you won't be claiming all your allowable expenses).  

I'll give you a date each month when your bookkeeping needs to be done by, so I can carry out your 'Checks & Corrections' quality check. This means that you'll be much more likely to get it done, so you'll be on top of it!

Are you interested in a bookkeeping support package? 
Please drop me a message below.

I can tailor your support package to you, so let's have a chat...

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